ovfs-iconOur mission is to provide advocacy for homeless persons and families in the Ojai Valley area of Ventura County, California, including, but not limited to the City of Ojai, by encouraging and coordinating efforts to provide shelter and other services for those without adequate housing.

Beginning in December and continuing for four months, we provide for the homeless in our community a safe, restful and clean environment in which to spend the night. Our volunteers provide them with a hot meal, warm shower and clean sleeping space in the evening and a good breakfast the next morning.

A sympathetic ear and sense of dignity is something we also strive to furnish. We are a large number of people from the community with an opportunity to directly help people in Ojai who, for various circumstances, are less fortunate than ourselves. We are volunteers who may be able to participate on either a frequent or occasional basis to help perform the following tasks necessary for the OVFS operations.

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